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Grants Policy 


Information on our Grants Policy is contained in the following documents:

1.     Research Strategy

2.     Scientific Advisory Committee Constitution

3.     Conflicts of Interest Policy

4.     Use of Animals in Research

Wessex Medical Trust is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC). All AMRC members support the AMRC policy on the use of animals in research which can be found at  http://www.amrc.org.uk/publications/statement-on-the-use-of-animals-in-research

Current Grant Offers


There are currently no grants being offered.


Recent Grants Awarded



Professor Tim Elliott (supervisor)         £95,585

Faculty of Medicine


PhD Studentship

Polymorphism in the ERAP1 gene and its relevance to the prognosis and treatment of Cervical Cancer.

Professor Richard Oreffo (supervisor)  £40,000

Faculty of Medicine

PhD studentship jointly funded with Rosetrees Trust

Identifying the skeletal stem cell for regeneration- harnessing single cell RNA Sequencing and 3D Biofabrication.

Professor Jane Lucas (supervisor)        £54,000

Faculty of Medicine

PhD Studentship funded jointly with NIHR BRC

Characterisation of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) Epithelial Responses to Non-Typeable Haemophilus influenzae Biofilm Infection.


Dr Matthias Baud  (supervisor)           £40,000

School of Chemistry

PhD Studentship jointly funded with Rosetrees Trust

Modulating Wnt Signalling in Cancer: Small Molecules Targeting β-catenin.

To design new drug molecules which will inhibit a protein, beta catenin, which plays an important role in several cancers such as colorectal cancer.

Dr David Tumbarello    (supervisor)               £80,000

Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

PhD Studentship

Investigating the translocation of parkin to damaged mitochondria and the mechanisms of mitophagy.

Investigating means nof maintaining healthy cells by limiting the natural production of harmful products.

Dr Yihua Wang    (supervisor)                        £80,000

Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

PhD Studentship

Functional analysis of Sodium/glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1), a potential therapeutic target for PTEN-inactive breast cancer.

Investigating how drugs can treat breast cancer by targetting the protein PTEN.

Dr Sam Thompson                          £20,000

School of Chemistry

Pepetidomimetic inhibitors of HER2 positive breast cancer.

A new approach to designing drugs to inhibit proteins that are important in cancer.

Dr Shreyasi Chatterjee                    £13,000

Institute for Life Sciences

Investigating the mechanisms of pathological tau-clearance in 3D induced pluripotent stem-cell (iPSC) models of Alzheimer’s disease.

Investigating the biological pathway of how the brain clears abnormal proteins in diseases such as Alzheimer'.

Dr Melissa Andrews                         £20,000

School of Biological Sciences

Optimising stem cells for neuronal replacement in the CNS.

Developing new methods to generate stem cells to treat conditions such as brain or spinal cord injury.

Dr Liku Tezera                                £19,950

Faculty of Medicine

Developing the 3-dimensional cellular model of Tuberculosis by integrating co-axial bioelectrospray,technology and stem cells.

TB is still a major global killer. This research will use engineering methods to create a 3D model to assist understanding of how the disease resides in humans and identify new drugs to combat it.

Dr Yihua Wang                               £20,000

Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) induced by RAS activation in alveolar Type II cells leads to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) or lung cancer invasion?

This project aims to identify molecular switches that dictate the ability of RAS, a common cancer gene,  to contribute to either lung cancer or pulmonary fibrosis


Dr Jane Collins (supervisor)

PhD Studentship jointly funded by Rosetrees Trust and British Lung Foundation

Dissecting the WISP signalling network in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Dr Edward Rogers         £19,451

Institute for Life Sciences

Grant dedicated to the memory of Pamela Kimber, former Trustee and Patron

Quantifying neuronal changes during age-related hearing loss with polarisation-contrast imaging.

Dr Matthew Blunt         £20,000


Faculty of Medicine

Overcoming IL-4 mediated drug resistance in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia

Dr Dario Carugo          £19,845

Faculty of Medicine

Ultrastem—an Ultrasonic Toolbox for on-demand Modulation of Stem Cell Fate

Dr Sandi Dheensa       £17,600

Faculty of Medicine

Using digital health to facilitate the clinical integration of whole-genome sequencing.



Professor Anne Bruton (supervisor) £40,000

PhD Studentship  jointly funded with British Lung Foundation

 Breathing pattern recording and analysis: a potential new biomarker for respiratory disease


Dr Simon Crabb (supervisor) £40,000

PhD Studentship jointly funded with The Urology Foundation

 Investigating interactions between vacuolar ATPase proton pumps and androgen receptor signalling in prostate cancer


Dr Emily Swindle (supervisor) £40,000      

PhD Studentship jointly funded with Rosetrees Trust

Development of a human tissue based model of the airway using cell sheet engineering


Dr Fernando Calahorro     £20,000

Centre for Biological Sciences         

A microfluidic assay for drug discovery in Autism spectrum disorders.

Developing tools to identify new ways to use drugs in treating Autism.

Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero    £19,500

Centre for Biological Sciences

What are the mechanisms of synapse loss in early Alzheimer’s disease in human neurons?”

Exploring the mechanism of memory loss in early Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Katrin Deinhardt      £19,000          

Centre for Biological Sciences      

Targeting TrkB turnover: Identification of the TrkB E3 ubiquitin ligase.    

Developing tools drug discovery in Autism spectrum disorders.        

Dr Emma Reeves        £20,000        

Faculty of Medicine                                                                

The impact of Ankylosing Spondylitis associated ERAP1 allotype combinations on HLA-B27 misfolding.

Improving understanding of the causes of the  autoimmune condition Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Mr Marc Bullock     £19,916

Faculty of Medicine                 

Identification and characterisation of deregulated long non-coding RNAs during colorectal cancer progression – interplay between tumour stroma and epithelium.

Investigation of a new biological mechanism that may underlie colorectal cancer progression.


Professor Eugene Healy  (supervisor)    £80,000

Faculty of Medicine

PhD Studentship

Factors within skin cancer which influence development of metastases.

Dr Edd James & Dr Laura Bourne    £30,000

Faculty of Medicine

Cervical Cancer Appeal Grant

The role of ERAP1 in Cervical carcinoma



Mr Jay Self & Professor Andrew Lotery (supervisors)  £40,000

PhD Studentship jointly funded with Gift of Sight


A study of the first transgenic mouse model of Infantile Nystagmus

Dr Nicholas Evans (supervisor) £40,000

PhD Studentship jointly funded with Rosetrees Trust

Engineering mechanical stem cell niches for wound healing. 

Dr Massimiliano Mellone    £20,000

Faculty of Medicine

The role of the DNA Damage Response (DDR) pathway in myofibroblast differentiation

Can manipulating the interaction between cancer cells and normal tissue alter the progression of the disease?

Dr Veronika Jenei  £20,000

Faculty of Medicine

Epidermal growth factor receptor – integrin crosstalk in the regulation of cancer progression.

Investigating a cellular pathway that enables cancer to invade and spread around the body.

Dr Charles Birts   £20,000

Faculty of Medicine

Metabolic regulation of the breast cancer biomarker Annexin A3.

Investigating whether cell metabolism influences cancer growth.  This may lead to improved cancer diagnosis and whether a patient is likely to have a severe form of the disease.


Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola  £20,000

Centre for Biological Sciences

Impact of inflammation on neurogenesis during Alzheimer´s disease: understanding and modulating the self-repairing mechanisms of the brain. 

Identifying and modulating the mechanisms of self-repair of the brain, with the potential to replace lost neurons during Alzheimer's disease.

Dr Matthew Rose-Zerilli  £20,000

Faculty of Medicine

Establishing single cell genetic techniques for the analysis of cancer by understanding intra-clonal heterogeneity in the b-cell leukaemia, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. 

Understanding why, in some patients with leukaemia, some cancer cells evade being treated which results in relapse.

Dr Seung Seo Lee    £20,000

Department of Chemistry

Specific Chemical Probes for the Ubiquitin System.

Developing chemicals that modify cellular events that cancer cells are dependent on: this has the potential to lead to creating new types of drugs to treat cancer.

Dr Sumeet Mahajan     £20,000

Institute for Life Sciences

Multimodal label-free imaging for studying and evaluating stem cell plasticity. 

A completely new way of looking at living cells in the laboratory that aims to visualise the growing potential of stem cells, particularly towards new bone formation to treat osteoporosis and fractures.


Dr Sandrine Willaime-Morawek (supervisor) £40,000

PhD Studentship jointly funded with Rosetrees Trust


How does poor maternal diet affect foetal neural stem cell activity leading to adult behavioural disease?

Dr Samantha Larkin     £45,000sam larkin

Faculty of Medicine

MudPIT and iTRAQ LC-MS/MS prostate cancer proteomic biomarker discovery--continuation: validation of the novel prostate cancer biomarkers



Dr Rahul Tare     £20,000rahul tare

Faculty of Medicine

Application of a novel perfusion bioreactor with integrated ultrasound standing wave trap (USWT) for augmentation of cartilage bioengineering



shmma quraishe

Dr Shmma Quraishe    £20,000

Centre for Biological Sciences

Understanding how microtubule stabilisation can be used for treating Alzheimer's disease 


Dr Emre Sayan     £20,000emre sayan

Faculty of Medicine

Investigating the role of SIP1 as a key biomarker of recurrence and chemoresistance in colorectal cancer




Dr Cheryl Hawkes     £20,000hawkesphoto

Faculty of Medicine

Effect of pre- and postnatal high fat exposure on the deposition and clearance of B-amyloid; implications for the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease




Dr Michela Raponi      £20,000michelaraponi

Faculty of Medicine

An innovativbe therapeutic approach ot reduce tumour enriched oncoproteins





Professor Paul Townsend     £470,000           

Faculty of Medicine 

Provision of Mass Spectrometer


Dr Nicholas Evans     £19,754nick evans

Faculty of Medicine

To develop a technology to specifically deliver nanoparticles carrying proteins and small molecules to stem cells in order to promote bone repair and regeneration.

Helping new bone to grow by delivering stimulants to where they are needed using nanoparticles.


Dr Sara Demain     £19,952sara demain

Faculty of Health Sciences

Understanding rehabilitation burden for families of people with stroke in receipt of Early Supported Discharge.

Measuring the burden of looking after people at home after they have suffered a stroke.


ian galeaDr Ian Galea     £19,999

Faculty of Medicine

 An innovative measure of progressive disability in multiple sclerosis using continuous electronic physical activity monitoring.

A new way of continuously monitoring progressive disability in multiple sclerosis.


Dr Christine Cornforth     £18,267 

School of Psychology

An investigation of the prevalence, correlatives and heterogeneity of callous unemotional (CU) traits in disruptive behaviour disorder.

Learning to identify and treat callous and unemotional behaviour in children.


photo_jeneiDr Veronika Jenei     £20,000

Faculty of Medicine

The epidermal growth factor receptor substrate Eps8 as a master regulator of pancreatic cancer progression.

Determining whether the progression of pancreatic cancer is due to the presence of a growth factor in the blood.


massimilio melloneDr Massimiliano Mellone     £18,000

Faculty of Medicine

Role of the stromal microenvironment in solid tumours and fibrosis: molecular mechanisms regulating myofibroblast differentiation.

How the tissue that surrounds a solid tumour might help it to metastasise.


Dr Marc Tebruegge     £20,000marc tebruegge.msg

Faculty of Medicine

A proteomic approach to the identification of novel biomarkers in tuberculosis.

Identifying tell-tale signatures of infection with tuberculosis from body fluids.




Dr Alexander Johnston  £19,348AlexJohnston

School of Biological Sciences

Polymersome nanoparticle mediated delivery of GSK3B inhibitors as a potential treatment for Alzheimer

Development of a new kind of nanoparticle which could be used to target therapeutic drugs to the brain cells of people with Alzheimer's disease.


Dr Ann-Marie Hughes   £19,839am_hughes_140

Faculty of Health Sciences

Open hand for stroke

To develop new software and portable electronic stimulation devices for use at home to restore accurate movement to the arms and hands of stroke victims.


Dr Annette-Louise Hayden   £20,000Annette_Hayden

Faculty of Medicine

To test the hypothesis that novel PCPA analogues allow for the optimisation of selective and potent LSD1 inhibition as a therapeutic strategy for prostate cancer.

To investigate whether a protein which is involved in prostate cancer can be targeted with certain drugs which will lead to killing the cancer cell.



Dr Hans Michael Haitchi   £20,000HM_Haitchi

Faculty of Medicine

Crystal structures of ADAM33 catalytic domain inhibitor complexes to identify novel asthma therapeutics.

To establish the exact shape of this particualr protein which will enable drugs to be designed to fit into its active site and block its harmful activity.


Dr Kai Yang   £20,000Kai_Yang

Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science

Fabric based medical device.

Development of a new wearable device to improve the hand movement of patients suffering from stroke, brain injury, some spinal cord injuries and certain neurological disorders.


Dr Matthew Rose-Zerilli   £18,300rose-zerilli

Faculty of Medicine

The development of Next Generation Sequencing for the analysis of B-cell tumours: understanding disease progression in patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia

Analysing patterns of genes in patients with a particularly aggressive form of lymphocytic leukaemia to identify very early diagnosis and prescribe special treatment.



Dr Edd James (supervisor)     £80,000Edd_James

Faculty of Medicine

Molecular characterisation of ERAAP association with ankylosing spondylitis.

PhD Studentship



Dr Jonathan Strefford (supervisor)     £80,000Jonathan_Strefford

Faculty of Medicine

The development of next generation sequencing for the analysis of B-cell tumours: understanding disease progression in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

 PhD Studentship

Dr Ali Tavassoli (supervisor)     £80,000Ali_Tavassoli_140

School of Chemistry

Direct stem cell fate with chemical modulators of protein networks

 PhD Studentship


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